I’m Grace Jin 金睿思 (she/her), a Chinese American visual artist, painter, and calligrapher from Pittsburgh.


Born in Ohio but raised by my grandparents in rural Zhejiang, China, I found an early love for traditional arts. I peaked at age 13, when I won First Prize in the Ministry of Education International Chinese Calligraphy Junior Competition. After moving back to the US in 2009, I studied painting with Sam Messer at Yale, as well as at the Art Students League of New York. I also studied Chinese calligraphy with Chen Si-Wei 陳思維 and Elena Hikari, and ink painting with Hsieh Chia-Ming 謝嘉明, Luciana Rago, and Sunsook Setton.


Influenced by Chinese literati tradition and abstract expressionism, I make works that reflect on nature, poetry, politics, as well as diasporic nostalgia and healing. I am currently a medical student at Stanford and based in the Bay Area, California.